#03 – The Italian Market

This episode is all about food and drink. Daily Blender‘s Jennifer Heigl joined me again in the studio to share some news on the restaurant and bar scene.


Jennifer Heigl, Editor and Head Writer for the Daily Blender

Plus, food cart owner/operator, Andrew Vidulich, chatted me up on his food truck, The Italian Market, and what’s in store.


Andrew Vidulich and Erin Callahan, co-owners and operators of The Italian Market food truck at Belmont Station

SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Listener discretion advised.

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#02 – NWDA & Local Sports

In this episode Josh Olsen chats with us regarding the NWDA; we get a bit of Portland history; Jenny Smith talks sports; and comedian Timothy Blackton rehashes last week’s headlines in case you missed it.

SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Listener discretion advised.

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#01 – Welcome to The PDX Beat!

This is our very first episode!

Local comedian Timothy Blackton revisits last week’s headlines; the Daily Blender’s Jennifer Heigl delivers food and drink news; Instant Startup’s Rich Brueckner talks tech; and special guest, Dan Halsted, catches us up on the Hollywood Theatre.

Listen to the episode here:

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