#10 – Bike Thief

“Stuck In A Dream”, debut album from Portland’s Bike Thief

In this episode, Febian Perez and Tom Paluck from local indie-rock band, Bike Thief, chatted with me about the formation of their current line-up, developing their music, the release of their debut album, “Stuck In A Dream,” and their upcoming tour.  Also, Rich Brueckner from Inside Startups shared a couple of Portland-based Kickstarter projects.

Febian Perez from Bike Thief

Tom Paluck from Bike Thief

Bike Thief tunes featured in this episode:

Here’s the official music video for “The Burning Past”

Find Bike Thief online!  Website | Twitter | BandCam | iTunes | SoundCloud

And, please support Cinema 21‘s Kickstarter project by CLICKING HERE!

Theme Music: “Cataracts” by @sweet-nothing

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