#33 – Mixed Tape .01

This is the very first “mixed tape” episode of The PDX Beat podcast, highlighting a selection of hardworking musicians from the robust Portland music scene, including:

EP33_Radiation City

RADIATION CITY | radiationcity.net | @RadiationCity

EP33_And And And

AND AND AND | andandandmusic.com | @ANDANDANDmusic

EP33_Queued Up

QUEUED UP | queuedup.bandcamp.com | @QueuedUp


DOGHEART | dogheartband.com | @DogheartBand

EP33_Pony Village

PONY VILLAGE | 20sidedrecords.com | @PonyVillage

EP33_Shay Carp Music

SHAYLA CARPENTER | soundcloud.com/shaylacarpenter | @ShayCarpMusic

EP33_Adventure Galley

ADVENTURE GALLEY | adventuregalleymusic.com | @AdventureGalley

SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/jonsquaredmedia/the-pdx-beat-episode-33

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Featured songs:

Additional music: “Cataracts” by Sweet Nothing (artist retains original copyright)

All photos retain original copyrights from respective source websites.

© 2015, JonSquared Media


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