#59 – Redux: The Zone Continuum

Friend of the show and former guest, Bruce Zick, reconnected with me about the reboot of The Zone Continuum, a comic book series whose original incarnation he first published in 1992.  [To listen to Bruce’s first visit to the show, click here.]


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You can purchase The Zone Continuum from Dark Horse Comics, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Book, and comic book retailers everywhere.


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#13 – Bruce Zick & The Zone Continuum

Local comic book artist/animator Bruce Zick from Pig Dog Productions chatted with me about his works, including the return of The Zone Continuum (due in 2015).

Bruce Zick's

Bruce Zick’s “The Zone Continuum”

Find Bruce online on Facebook and Twitter!  Also, on these websites:

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#04 – Portland Comics with Jamie S. Rich

In this episode, we explore the Portland comic book scene through the eyes of local industry icon, Jamie S. Rich.


Jamie S. Rich, rock star

SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Listener discretion advised.

Jamie is on Twitter!  Here’s his website!  And, here’s his webseries!

Here’s the website for Portland’s real-life superhero, Zetaman!


Zetaman! Portland’s Real-Life Superhero!

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