#61 – Silenced In The Surf Book Launch

On March 29th, I joined fellow podcaster, Sean Barron of The Portland Cool Podcast, in the launch party of local author Kate Dyer-Seeley‘s book called Silenced In The Surf, the third installment in the Pacific Northwest Mystery series published by Kensington Press.  I was behind the scenes this time while Sean was the host of the show, which also included Anneke Ayers from Double Mountain Brewery, and Greg Stiegel from Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association, whose companies were featured in Kate’s book.  Thanks for giving it a listen.

The author, Kate Dyer-Seeley, and her newest book, Silenced In The Surf | Photo Credit: Nic Raingsey

Buy Silenced In The Surf from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and other book retailers via Indie Bound.

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